Exploring the Villages

IMG_1285Yesterday I explored three of the most beautiful medieval villages close to the Riviera in the Alpes-Maritimes region; Saint-Paul de Vence, Gourdon and Valbonne, all set in the mountains above the Riviera.

Each village has a spectacular view and it was perfect weather to explore, cold and crisp with almost no other visitors. I can imagine that in summer tourists plough shoulder-to-shoulder down the tiny lane ways.

Looking at these locations, I’m always trying to picture them back in the 1950s which was such an interesting time creatively for this region. For example, back then, Marc Chagall would have lived in Saint-Paul de Vance where he would have enjoyed regular visits from Picasso.

These days mainly it’s cashed up expats and rock stars who can afford to live in these quaint villages without the complication of having to work.