Picasso in Antibes

ImageThe Picasso Museum in Antibes is really something special. Picasso lived in the area for part of the year in 1946 and was offered space in this beautiful building to produce the larger works he aspired to.

The building, which looks out across the bay, was originally built as a Roman fort and later housed the Grimladi family before becoming a museum.

Picasso, who when he died left behind some 70,000 works, was incredibly productive during his two month period here – gifting the museum 23 paintings and 44 drawings to show his appreciation.

An early adopter of sharing his creative process, Picasso allowed several photographers to record him at work  and the scenes are very evocative of that time. It was so inspiring to be in this space where this creative powerhouse actually worked and imagine the comings and goings in this villa.

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