In Praise of Training

ImageI took the train from Paris to Antibes in order to follow in the footsteps of my character and, given a choice, I would prefer to travel by train than any other method. It’s relatively simple (once you establish you are, in fact, on the correct train) and there’s a timelessness about being able to relax and watch the countryside slide past your window.

Train has been king on the Riveria for over 150 years. In the early days, aristocracy and royalty traveled by train, often in their own private carriages or even private trains. As a result the rail has the prime spot and chuffs along right beside the Mediterranean for much of the journey from Marseille to the Italian border.

I also love railway stations. I took the above shot in Monte Carlo station (which initially looked fairly unprepossessing and is extremely difficult to escape from) and the one below in Bordeaux.

Both have a lovely symmetry and there’s  something alluring about the tracks disappearing into the distance – drawing you into the journey

Image 1


2 thoughts on “In Praise of Training

  1. Amanda are you doing a rich journey in the glories of the past in the middle of the european decadence of the present.The power of writers! Beautiful.Giulia


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