Le Negresco – Nice


Finally found the hotel location I was looking for – the Negresco Hotel in Nice.

It’s absolutely splendid and luxurious although in 1956 it was probably a little down at heel as a result of the occupation of France during the war – but it nevertheless personifies old Riviera glamour.

Even today the doormen’s uniforms are in the style of ’18th-century elite bourgeois households’ – very theatrical for a uniform.

My friend and I had a drink in the beautifully timbered bar enjoying the cheapest thing on the menu. Yes, folks that’s a 19€ glass of rosé.

Staff were a little surly (the French do an enviable line in ‘stink-eye’) but, as we were leaving, this handsome doorman (below) gave us such a dazzling smile we practically needed defibrillation and tumbled out into the street all breathless and giggly.

Nice itself is a beautiful old city, I’ve been there a number of times over the years and love it more every time.

Image 5



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