Carlton in Cannes

to-catch-a-thief-grace-kelly-and-cary-grantI was keen to see inside the beautiful and very famous Carlton Hotel in Cannes, which was the location for one of my favourite movies ‘To Catch a Thief’ with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, and I have used as a location in my book.

During the season, when the place is heaving with celebs, I imagine they’re pretty hot on security, but it was very quiet the day of my visit. I did gussy myself up a little so I wasn’t mistaken for a bag-lady and could flounce through the front doors without question and enjoy the full experience.

I partook of some petite dejeuner in the lounge area and wandered around generally soaking up the ambiance, imagining Grace Kelly delicately picking her way down the stairs – and sneaking a few pix when I had the chance.



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