Background Research


My interest in the perfume business was initially sparked by my friend of 35 years, Catherine Hersom, whose parents were perfumers. They had a small laboratory/factory in Kingston-on-Thames, London. Catherine and her two sisters were brought up in an apartment above the laboratory, so she has strong memories of the world of the perfumer.

This is an ad in a South American newspaper for their products. Notice no phone number – to contact the company you send a telegram or cable to: Hersom, London. Simpler times.

Sadly, Mr & Mrs Hersom both died 40 years ago, so I never met them or saw the factory. However, today I had the pleasure of being able to interview their office manager/book-keeper, Mrs Lowe, now in her eighties. It was a small operation so she gave me all kinds of interesting insights into the day-to-day operation of the business – very helpful in understanding some of the background I need.


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