One journey ends, another begins…

IMG_2942This is where my character, Iris Turner, begins her journey in 1956 when she leaves the little house in London where she was born and sets off for an adventure in the South of France – where nothing is quite as it seems.

This is also where my wonderful research adventure in France and London ends and I set off home to Sydney where I will knuckle down and finish the first draft with all my new found knowledge.

What I love about researching a novel is that you set forth with no expectations, searching, observing, asking questions and mentally composting it all in the hope that it will seed new ideas. It can’t really be planned or forced, it’s just about focus but often new ideas come from the most unexpected sources.

I find it addictive to travel with purpose, engaging with people and experiencing other environments. I have a sense of being completely alive to the world. It’s been a blast!

Now the writing journey starts for me….


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